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How Sierra Club Protects Our Planet

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How Sierra Club Protects Our Planet

There are many ways in which we can “go green” and protect our environment, but one of the most common methods that people use nowadays is to join one of many organizations that promote Eco-friendly methods and then they pay monthly submissions to those organizations. And that is it. Some people believe that this solves everything and that our planet will magically become healthy and green again. However, we all know that this is not how it works and that is takes a lot of effort and care to bring our beautiful world into the shape it had before.

The Sierra Club is an organization that not only focuses on preservation, but it actively promotes and invites its members to enjoy nature and to do all sorts of fun and healthy things. Fresh air, green leaves and grass, uncharted paths and clean water are still somewhere around us, and this association works very hard in order to protect those ecosystems and to make humans realize that these places are extremely precious and that we must do everything we can to preserve them. Our grandchildren will inherit this world from us and it is our duty and responsibility to hand it over as good as it was when we received it, or even better if possible.

Organizations such as Sierra Club, which was founded in 1892 and has a long tradition in this field, are beneficial since they offer many interesting and exciting opportunities for people who usually do not get in touch with nature so much and, therefore, they lack that sense of responsibility. Sierra Club has over 2 million members, and this makes it the largest and oldest grassroots association in America, which is a tittle that certainly needs to be respected. Due to its large membership and strong influence on local levels through their Chapters, the Sierra Club has a strong position when it comes to green politics and environmental legislation, but that is just one side of the story.

Besides legal advocacy, which is a very important element of the battle for our planet, Sierra Club is providing its members with another way of preserving nature, and that is – to actively explore and enjoy it. They also promote responsible use of ecosystems and resources, in addition to their constant efforts to educate as many people as possible about the ways in which we could keep ourselves and our planet healthy and vibrant. But, they also organize many forms of expeditions and visits to nature so people who are members of this Club feel like they are connected with nature and that they simply belong to the universal natural world.

Club-sponsored expeditions take them all across the globe, but they also offer a lot of local activities, such as various forms of camping trips, hiking, mountaineering, rafting, sailing, kayaking, biking, rock climbing and many other forms of exciting and in the same time educational group activities. All of those expeditions have one thing in common – to make people fall in love with nature and hopefully protect it as much as possible.

How To Turn Your Life Around And “Go Green”

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How To Turn Your Life Around And “Go Green”

In recent years, the number of “green” organizations has rapidly increased and they are becoming more and more present in the media and in our lives in general. They send messages that invite us to protect our planet and to live our lives in accordance with the principles of sustainable ecosystems. However, their overly strong propaganda may have some downsides since a lot of people are becoming overwhelmed by the pressure and they want to get away from such an aggressive manner of advertising. Lucky for them, there is a way to become a conscious member of the society without joining in every possible group, and your home can become a clean, energy-efficient environment without too much hassle.

As they say, when there is a will there is a way, and people have found easy ways to “go green” and make their lives matter, which is something we all should do. Our planet is the most important treasure we have, and since we inherited it from our fathers we need to make sure that our children live in the same world as we did, or an even better one – if possible.

Small and simple steps will carry a man over the highest of mountains and through the driest deserts, and this principle is valid in our efforts to become more environmentally friendly. A few easy solutions can go a long way, and even though you cannot see most of the results – they will be present and they will accumulate into one big ball of success once your grandchildren inhabit this beautiful planet.

For example, you could start by saving water. This can be done in a number of ways, and this step is very important since water is an essential part of life on Earth. We can save it by using less bottled water, predominantly because this kind of water demands the use of plastic bottles, which are known to be highly dangerous for the environment. Several other small tricks can be used in your home, and you should look for various appliances and gadgets that make water-saving easy and efficient.

The second thing you could do is to save energy, and this can also be accomplished in many ways. From walking or biking to work, to use of solar panels and harvesting the power of wind – energy can be preserved if we just put a little bit of effort. Energy-efficient devices, starting from the smallest things such as light bulbs are a way to make your house an oasis of self-sustainable life and have an environmentally friendly home.

Besides energy and water, you could make yourself as a person a healthy and efficient unit, since you could use organic and local food, which can have multiple benefits on your body and on the overall environment. People who eat fresh and seasonal food are much healthier, have more energy and feel less tired, which means that it takes them less to complete a task. Also, eating local food means that you save on transportation and packaging, which are all segments in the chain of actions that pollute our green little planet.

Another way to go green is to stop watering your grass, this is a very intensive procedure and takes up a lot of resources.  Our friends over at show you the different ways you can replace your real grass with artificial turf.  Not only is this better for the environment but it also is easy to maintain, safe and cleaner.

All You Need To Know About The Sierra Club

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All You Need To Know About The Sierra Club

Many organizations in the world are dealing with environmental issues and they try to protect the planet as much as possible, but not a lot of them are also incorporating the “fun” part into this agenda and they fail to grasp the idea that we need to enjoy nature if we want to be in love with it. Luckily, some groups and associations have realized that the fight for our planet needs to be done on many levels and that our struggle for preservation and protection should not prevent us from enjoyment and relaxation. One such association is the famous Sierra Club, and this well-known group is the largest and the oldest grassroots organization in the United States.

This environmental organization was founded in 1892 by a man called John Muir, who was deeply in love with nature and all of its wonders. He was especially fond of Yosemite National Park and because of his efforts – the club became popular and it attracted a lot of followers. Nowadays, the Sierra Club has over two million members in the United States, which makes it a very large organization and shows the power behind this movement.

The Club is run by a Board of Directors, which consists of 15 members, but there is also an Executive Director that has a mandate of one year. When it comes to structure, the Sierra Club is famous for its disperse and widespread network, and they currently have 65 chapters all over the country. Chapters bring their goals to the local level and they cover large regional areas, and they are funded by individual contributions for the most part.

We all know that it is not enough to just say “I want to go green” and that you have to put some effort or even some serious work into making this decision a reality. That is why people who join the Sierra Club know that they will be active participants in the fight against pollution and destruction of our planet and that they will have the chance to be involved in various activities that this organization provides. The general idea behind Sierra Club is based on the need to explore, enjoy and protect our environment, which is certainly something we should all do.

Besides this, Sierra Club is involved in a whole range of other activities, such as the responsible use of ecosystems and resources, environmental legislation and green policies, green energy and the prevention of climate change. They are openly against pollution and coal power plants, and they also fight against various local issues related to environment and our surroundings.

Additionally, this club promotes a healthy lifestyle by organizing a lot of expeditions, and there are also numerous club-sponsored expeditions in other parts of the globe. In the United States, they regularly invite their members to join them in activities such as camping, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, biking, kayaking, sailing and many other forms of group activities in nature.

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